10 easy methods to keep in touch with Autistic individuals

10 easy methods to keep in touch with Autistic individuals

Guest Post by Steve Summers*

1. Please always remember that interaction problems are normal with Autism. We’ve problems in reading social cues and body gestures. Be understanding and patient.

2. We have a tendency to simply take things literally while having usually trouble reading amongst the lines. As a total result, we possibly may ask lots of concerns to simplify what exactly is meant by something you state. I have already been told that We ask a complete lot of concerns. Don’t be offended by this. It really is our method of making certain that people determine what you may be telling us. We possibly may duplicate returning to you within our very own terms in an attempt to log in to the exact same web page as you.

3. That you say, please be patient and expand on what you said and explain what you meant if we misunderstand something. Don’t assume a poor or aggressive intent that you said from us if we misunderstand something. Take into account that interaction is burdensome for us. Items that come naturally to you personally take additional work by us.

4. Please don’t get offended by our interaction design. We are usually frank, truthful and point in fact. Some individuals may interpret this as rude or blunt. We don’t plan to offend you by maybe not sugar covering the plain items that we state. We don’t plan to be rude. Please don’t get protective or assume that you are being attacked by us. Understand that interacting is hard for us. Don’t make negative presumptions. Many times we have corrected or assaulted by somebody who doesn’t provide us with some slack together with advantage of the question.

5. Please don’t expect attention contact. We may have the ability to force attention contact, however it is unpleasant for all of us. Making attention contact takes a conscious work. This work may just take far from listening and understanding what you are actually saying. Continue reading →